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New concept, new business :

✔️New : sell an untapped e.reputation solution, “First Reputation”, for which we have exclusive rights.

New, unique and exclusive concept, extremely buoyant, indispensable (easy online sales) and highly profitable, with customers supplied, sales tunnel and sectors still available. Ready for a new professional challenge?

The “First Reputation” concept :

Be in the vanguard of the fight against the scourge that discredits companies and sometimes drives them into bankruptcy!…

No more personal attacks, unfounded negative reviews (which have become systematic with the Internet), nastiness, venting, revenge, threats, blackmail, petty attacks by competitors and dirty tricks….

As you’re no doubt aware, a huge number of companies are victims of negative reviews on the Internet, which are often false, unfounded, defamatory and insulting.

These review sites (Trustpilot, Scamdoc, Google, TripAdvisor, BBB, Yelp, Sitejabber,…) do their business mainly thanks to negative reviews, because readers go straight to the negative reviews, more than to the positive ones. Negative reviews attract a lot of readers and generate a lot of traffic for these review sites.

However, there is a solution to save companies from this scourge, which can lead to economic hardship: negative reviews reduce the number of customers for companies that are often unfairly denigrated.

The “First Reputation” concept, for which we have exclusive development rights, is to sell the First Reputation solution for removing some of the negative reviews, with or without a guarantee – Rates :

Number of reviews Result (removal) not guaranteed Guaranteed result (removal): 65% immediate refund (2 weeks after order), 35% non-refundable*

* in the event of failure on the guaranteed removal, 65% immediate refund (2 weeks after the order), calculated in proportion to the number of notices not removed. 35% non-refundable

Of course, this solution is a mastery of know-how little known to victim companies, otherwise they would have already used it.

Such a solution can save a company in decline, victimized by a bad reputation; the cost of the “First Reputation” solution is therefore minimal, compared with the results achieved. This solution can also be an emergency solution, not guaranteed, but which can in any case save the company from closure for economic reasons.

Better still, the “First Reputation” concept can boost sales for the defamed company, through the reverse effect of “cleaning up” the account infected by certain disparaging notices.The “First Reputation” solution can also be sold on a “success fee” basis.

The concept even includes providing the Internet address of the review site accounts of defamed companies + the possibility of obtaining customers free of charge + a possible sales tunnel.

What’s more, there’s even a trick that allows advertising (for the solution) to be placed directly in the victim’s account.

The concept is sold in the form of a trademark license: 390 € ht/month with an entry fee of 1 990 € ht. The designer reserves the right to have several brand licensees.

The “First Reputation” designer is responsible for the technical side. He charges €99 ht/notice processed (non-guaranteed) and €390 ht/notice processed (“guaranteed” option, only in the event of a result (removal of the notice); in the event of non-removal of the notice, it is invoiced at 99 € excl. tax).. charges €99 ht/notice processed (non-guaranteed) and €390 ht/notice processed (guaranteed). Please note: in the event of failure on the guaranteed result, 65% is refunded to the customer. In this case, the Brand Licensee and the designer receive only 35% of their remuneration.

The “First Reputation” brand licensee therefore has no restrictions; Estimated calculations on the “guaranteed” option: even in the event of reimbursement (non-achievement of the “guaranteed result (suppression)”), it can generate earnings: estimated average of 8 customers/day and estimated average daily earnings of €1,296/day, service cost deducted: estimated average of two reviews/customer (€360) x 8 customers/day = €2,880/day – service cost €1,584 excluding VAT = estimated earnings of €1,296/day. 

The estimated average number of customers/day takes into account the potential customers brought in by the “First Reputation” designer (recent file of companies that have been victims of e.reputation).

You have your own website and are also a victim of e.reputation, so you understand the unfair impact e.reputation can have on a company’s business.

Potential customers are contacted by e-mail, contact form, SMS or Whatsapp, following the identification of the e.reputation listed directly or indirectly. A call-center can also be set up for telephone contacts.

50 recent Trustpilot e.reputation victim company files, offered with a Brand License order: 1 in 3 e.reputation victim companies is likely to order an average of two non-guaranteed deletions, to test: 1/3 of these 50 companies = 16 companies x €162 (net margin) = €2592 (net gains) => your initial investment is largely amortized in this case. 

suppression d’avis trustpilot

All the above data are estimates, i.e. they are not guaranteed: the success of an activity depends, in particular, on compliance with a method and the quantitative and qualitative capacity of the work. A Brand Licensee is legally independent, working at his or her own expense and without any subordinate relationship with the “First Reputation” designer.

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