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and discover this as yet unexploited concept, which will remind you of a famous TV show about property renovation to facilitate the sale of apartments and houses.

The original concept is that the renovation work is only paid for when the property is sold, so the seller doesn’t pay for the work until the property is sold. The craftsman, on the other hand, is paid as soon as the work is completed!

Even better, discover our 2-month sales guarantee!

The concept is even more advanced, with the possibility of selling renovated properties directly, thanks to an “all in one” package.

In these gloomy real estate times, there’s no doubt that this concept will be a huge success.

The concept is awaiting a sales developer not only for France, but also for Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Brand licensing.

✔️Freeway stage :

You’re on the freeway, it’s 11.30am and you’re wondering where you’re going to have lunch… If you get off at the next freeway exit, what restaurants will be open, how far away are they, and what’s on the menu? Will you be able to find a restaurant that offers what you’re looking for? Will you waste time finding an open restaurant? Can you make a reservation so as not to waste time at this stopover? Can you ask to be served quickly? Will there be a children’s chair and coloring pages to keep your child waiting? Are there any leisure activities around the restaurant, should you wish to extend your stopover?… And how will you bring customers to restaurants at freeway exits?

Raise funds or finance this useful and interesting project yourself.

Countries available: France, Belgium, Switzerland. Brand licenses.

✔️First or Nothing :

sell website positioning on Google with Test-flash; be surprised by the impact of Test-flash on small and medium-sized businesses. What company wouldn’t want to be in the top positions on Google? Boost your local business with this dynamic and exciting concept.

Countries available: France, Belgium and Switzerland. Brand licenses.

✔️Creating or acquiring placemarkets: placemarket for sale 3500 € + VAT. all inclusive, (Please note: the products will be uploaded to the placemarket after you have ordered the placemarket from us: the dropshipping supplier-distributor will charge you a subscription fee of €90 ht/month and a one-off fee of around €300 to €600 ht for access to its file of products for sale, depending on the number of products (approx. 28,000+), platform connected directly to the supplier (wholesaler) + 28 000 products, Stripe configuration, reseller space, etc……… more :

Just like on TV, be a player in your town by helping property sellers to sell faster and possibly for more money.

This concept to be developed is an independent and more complete variation of a similar concept seen on television, which is very popular in France.

It’s the refreshing of apartments and houses for sale, in order to sell faster and at a higher price, without the seller having to pay anything before the property is sold!

Craftsmen, meanwhile, are paid as soon as the refurbishment work is completed.

What is a “refresh” in the language of real estate renovation? It’s the “clean-up”, the depersonalization of a property put up for sale, i.e. painting, possibly flooring and any other work required to enhance a property through renovation: ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, partitions, cupboards, facade, roof, etc.

By “depersonalizing” a property, potential buyers can better project themselves into their future apartment or house, triggering the famous “coup de coeur”, avoiding negative objections to the work to be carried out (detrimental to the selling time, to the sale in general, and to the impact and value of the sale), and for the seller: being in line with the trend and well-placed in relation to similar properties for sale in the same area, thus selling faster and possibly at a higher price, etc….

Nouvelle opportunité commerciale

The concept is also a variation on home staging, except that it’s much more comprehensive, since it’s not just a question of moving furniture and objects around, but a more global approach (small jobs) and therefore much more visual, impactful and professional, as seen every week on that famous popular French TV show.

Also, by using this future concept, the owner who sells his property can hope to sell faster and possibly more expensively, without paying for the work before he’s sold.

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