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Are you ready to start a dropship business?

In this article, we’ll briefly explain dropshipping.

What do we mean by Dropship Business?

Dropship does not require a company (reseller, middleman) to keep the products in stock.

Dropshipping is therefore a method of fulfilling orders in which the store, whether online or offline, resells the products.

The store, usually a website, then forwards the customer’s order to a third-party supplier, wholesaler, semi-wholesaler or manufacturer.

The third-party supplier then ships the order to the end customer.

Dropshipping is therefore representative of a business, you for example, where the end customer orders a product via your website or e-mail.

After that, you need to arrange for the manufacturer (third-party supplier) to mail or ship the item.

You publish the terms and conditions of sale on your website and in your online order form.

You pay the manufacturer (third-party supplier) for the goods.

The manufacturer ships the goods directly to your end customers.