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Intra-community VAT number (EU) guaranteed

Thanks to our company incorporation service in Bulgaria, we can guarantee that you will obtain an EU intra-community VAT number, even if you are not a Bulgarian resident.

Obtaining an EU (European Union) VAT number is becoming increasingly difficult, as more and more countries are no longer issuing intra-community VAT numbers to company owners who are not established for tax purposes in the country in which their company is based.

As a result, you will no longer obtain an EU VAT number, for example in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, etc., if you set up a company there but are not resident for tax purposes and have not established an economic substance there.

For Bulgaria, we have a procedure that enables us to obtain EU VAT numbers within 5 working days, provided that you order the purchase of an already registered, recent company.

Why opt for a ready-to-use Bulgarian company? Do you need an intra-Community VAT number? Many countries in the European Union are now “tightening the noose” and issuing VAT numbers only under certain conditions.* This is the case in Ireland, Spain and Portugal, among others, which only issue an intra-Community VAT number if a minimum turnover has been achieved, the company has been in existence for a certain length of time or, quite understandably, the economic substance has been organised. The solution is therefore for you to buy a company that has already been set up, that has never been used, but that already has an intra-Community VAT number. To sum up, opting for a ready-to-use company in Bulgaria, in addition to the fact that corporation tax is only 10% (update: January 2023), means :
  • avoir la garantie d’obtenir le numéro de TVA intra-communautaire : en utilisant notre procédure, nous obtiendrons le numéro de TVA intra-communautaire sous environ 5 jours ouvrés, avant de vous revendre la société récemment créée (sans passif). Notre procédure vous permet d’être certain d’obtenir votre numéro de TVA intra-communautaire car les pays de l’UE ne fournissent pratiquement plus de N° de TVA intra-communautaire directement aux non-résidents. Donc en rachetant une société déjà immatriculée, vous solutionnez la problématique quant à l’obtention du numéro de TVA intra-communautaire de l’UE.
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