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Registration of a company in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a city in Western Europe. It shares land borders with Germany, Belgium and France, and its capital is Luxembourg City. This country is often used by investors to restructure their foreign investments.

The registration process for Luxembourg companies is fairly straightforward; however, it is important to comply with the requirements of local legislation.

Of the 27 member states of the European Union, Luxembourg is one of the founding members.

Business structures eligible for Luxembourg company registration

The following business structures may be used for the registration of Luxembourg companies:

Limited liability company (SARL), including the SARL-s

This entity is also known by the acronym Sàrl (or Sàrl-s). The principle is that the legal, moral personality is distinct from the company's shareholders and directors. The manager (director) takes responsibility for controlling the company's board of directors. This type of entity is not authorised to offer its shares on a public stock exchange.

Public limited company

This entity is also known by the acronym SA. The principle of limited liability applies to the public limited company. The company's board of directors is appointed by the company's shareholders. This type of entity is authorised to issue shares on a public stock exchange.

Special limited partnership

This form of limited partnership is an entity that acts as an alternative investment fund for different types of investors. This type of entity is known as a Special Limited Partnership or SCSp.

Company incorporation in Luxembourg

The SARL-S with a minimum capital of €1

A SARL-S is a Simplified Limited Liability Company that is registered under different rules and regulations to a traditional SARL.

This type of entity is aimed at investors and entrepreneurs who wish to set up a company with very low share capital, which is a minimum of 1 euro.

Foreign nationals wishing to register a SARL-S in Luxembourg must obtain an authorisation for establishment issued by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy. We can carry out this procedure.

A SARL-s operates in the same way as a SARL, albeit with a few special features. Among the conditions for opening a SARL-S in Luxembourg, an annual reserve of 5% of net profits is required. This reserve is regarded as providing the minimum share capital until it reaches 12,000 euros for a traditional SARL.

Management of an SARL-S

At least one natural person will be in charge of managing the business. The articles of association of an SARL-S include information on the board of directors, its responsibilities within the company and details of the annual general meeting.

The SARL-S is a popular structure in Luxembourg, chosen for the ease of doing business by entrepreneurs who want to act as craftsmen, manufacturers, professionals or traders.


Company directors often choose to set up a SARL company in Luxembourg because of the ease with which the procedure can be configured and its characteristics, which can be suitable for several types of business activity.

The SARL – Société A Responsabilité Limitée – is the most commonly used type of company in the country. The SARL can be formed by individuals or legal entities and there are a few steps to take into account in order to comply with all legal requirements in Luxembourg. The Société A Responsabilité Limitée is the type of company best suited to medium-sized businesses.

We also provide information below on other types of company in Luxembourg, should you require another type of business structure.

What are the main requirements for a Luxembourg limited liability company?

The main requirement for setting up a limited liability company in Luxembourg is a minimum share capital of approximately 12,500 euros. This amount must be fully subscribed and paid up at the time of incorporation. Capital contributions may be made both in cash and in kind and are divided into shares. The minimum share value must not be less than EUR 24.79. The following terms and conditions also apply to a SARL in Luxembourg:

  • The Luxembourg Société A Responsabilité Limitée has restrictions on the transfer of shares; they are not freely transferable and can only be transferred following a decision taken at a general meeting of the company. Any transfer of shares must be recorded in a trust deed;
  • shareholders are only liable to the extent of the contributions made to the share capital;
  • a SARL in Luxembourg may have between two and 40 shareholders;
  • minimum of two shareholders and a director; the director may be a shareholder;
  • the articles of association may contain personalised rules for the organisation of general meetings within the company.

If you want to open a bank account in Luxembourg, we can help you*. Companies in Luxembourg must pay corporation tax and other taxes such as property tax and wealth tax. Owners of Luxembourg companies must also register their companies for VAT. We can help you obtain a VAT number.

Managing a SARL in Luxembourg

A SARL in Luxembourg is controlled by a board of directors appointed by the shareholders and set out in the articles of association. Directors may be appointed after the SARL has been formed.

The articles of association set out the responsibilities of the partners and directors of an SARL.

It is worth noting that under Luxembourg company law, managers (directors) may be legal entities responsible for managing an SARL, regardless of their nationality. In the event of mismanagement or incompetence, the board of directors or managers may be dismissed.

A holding company may hold a Luxembourg company, i.e. be a shareholder in the company, in such a way that it will be a shareholder in the company and will therefore be in the company’s articles of association.

Public limited company

The procedure for registering a Luxembourg public limited company is similar to that for a private company.The following steps are envisaged:

  • Before the company is incorporated, the share capital of 31,000 euros must be deposited in a company bank account in Luxembourg.
  • The bank issues a certificate of deposit of the share capital.
  • We will draw up the documents ourselves.
  • All documents, including the deed of incorporation and the articles of association, will be filed with the Luxembourg
  • Registre des Sociétés.
  • Details of the incorporation will be published in the Official Journal.This gazette is an electronic gazette known as the Recueil Electronique des Sociétés et Association.
  • The external auditor’s report will not be required to be issued if 90% of the issued share capital is paid up. There are few conditions that must be followed by the founders:
  • The founders must agree to waive the publication of the audit report.
  • Records of the waiver must be attached to the deed of incorporation.
  • Contributing companies must have financial reserves equal to the nominal value.
  • No further compliance is required once the company is formed. The share capital is then available.
  • If you wish to open a bank account in Luxembourg, we can help you*.

Special limited partnership

  • One of the advantages of forming this type of entity is contractual freedom. There is no share capital.
  • A partnership agreement must be drawn up when there is a general partner and a limited partner.
  • Once the limited partnership agreement has been signed, the special limited partnership is formed.
  • All the documents of the limited partnership must be filed with the Luxembourg Companies
  • Registry within one month.Details of the incorporation are published in the Official Gazette. This gazette is an electronic gazette known as the Recueil Electronique des Sociétés et Association.
  • If you wish to open a bank account in Luxembourg, we can help you*.
votre société en europe

Optionally, on request and subject to quotation, we can help you to create the economic substance of your company (setting up, implementation, recruitment, organisation, development).

*Domiciliation in addition € 32.8 + VAT/month, trust € 1032 + VAT (Sàrl-s) or € 1600 + VAT (SARL) (1 time only), share capital 1 € (Sàrl-s) or € 9600 (SARL).

*The creation of a bank account* by a third party is illegal, even with a power of attorney; we invite you to be wary of sites offering to open a bank account* for you. An independent manager from our company, an account manager working for the bank, will call you to deal with your application to open a bank account*. Our service is to put you in touch with the bank and not to open a bank account*. The bank alone decides whether or not to open a bank account* (art. L. 312-1, II CMF). The profile of the applicant for a bank account* and his/her eligibility to open a bank account* are decisive factors in the bank’s decision. We do not open a bank account ourselves and do not guarantee the opening of a bank account*. Banking introduction* is a service obligation, not a performance obligation or a results requirement. See our other Special Terms and Conditions and General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.