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We provide Company incorporation services in Europe, specialising in Premium banking introductions*, and a host of other services, including some specific to Europe-Africa-Europe transactions.

We understand the problems of trans-actional fluidity between our two continents, and provide solutions to facilitate flows. We work with partners to provide simple, low-cost solutions. Our services also include setting up Companies incorporation in London for our African friends, with no need for visas, residency or travel, setting up their company in London (with customs number) or in the European Union (including Gibraltar), and assisting them with their professional immigration project in Europe.

Do you have problems with your international financial transactions, especially transactions from Africa to Europe and from Europe to Africa?
We can take care of your personal and business banking* introduction.


Do you want to set up a company in Europe?
You don’t need a partner in Europe to set up your company in London, nor do you need to travel to set up your company, nor do you need a visa.

We can set up your company in London, providing you with your bank details, your customs (EORI) and VAT numbers, your UK tax account and, if you have an innovative project, your professional visa application*.

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If you’re an exporter, having a company in London can be a very cost-effective way of getting your products into Europe via the UK.

Opening a company in Southern Ireland, on the other hand, may be a bad idea, as you won’t get an intra-Community VAT number if you’re a non-resident.

Do you need an administrator to deal with the various formalities?
We can provide you with a highly competent English administrator.

For logistical reasons, do you need a facility in the south of Europe, at the tip of Spain or North Africa (Melilla, Ceuta, Gibraltar)?
Tell us about your project, we might be able to help.


Are you looking for one or more partners in Europe or elsewhere in the world (employees, suppliers, buyers, distributors, commercial partners, importers or exporters, sub-contractors, franchisees, associates, investors, etc., or do you simply want to advertise a job offer or application)?

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You can send us your ad, and we’ll publish it within 12 working days, free of charge: visitors to our website, who are increasing in number every day, since we are on the 1st page of Google for a large number of keywords, are in the process of setting up a Company incorporation or are already in business in sectors as varied as e. commerce, dropshipping, transport and specific services, trading, intermediation, distribution (wholesalers, semi-wholesalers or retailers), sale of services, import/export, expertise, IT, auditing, brokerage, trading, rental, energy, sales of leads, solar energy, engineering, security, biology, chemistry, project leaders, start-ups, automotive, logistics, telecommunications, fibre optics, real estate, processing, assembly, digital marketing, digital, food, industry, etc.
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To contact us, you can reach us by Whatsapp at +33 66 02 58 314