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Your company on the move with a Premium+ banking introduction*.

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What is the Premium+ banking introduction*?

Introduction to banking* in a real bank, with a network of branches, WITHOUT TRAVEL (which is rare for a real bank), with online access, of course, and with an independent account manager, working for the bank, who speaks French.

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(1) *The registration of a bank account* by a third party is illegal, even with a power of attorney; please beware of sites offering to open a bank account* for you. An independent manager from our company, an account manager working for the bank, will call you to manage your application to open a bank account*; we have at least two banking partners*. Our service is to put you in touch with the bank, not to open a bank account*. The bank has the sole right to decide whether or not to open a bank account* (art. L. 312-1, II CMF). The bank’s decision is based on the applicant’s profile and eligibility to open a bank account*. We do not open a bank account ourselves and do not guarantee the opening of a bank account*.. Banking introductions* are a service obligation, not a performance obligation. The countries in which we provide banking introductions* are at our sole discretion: you cannot choose the countries in which we provide banking introductions*. See our other special conditions Special conditions and general terms of sale Conditions of use, sales and privacy policy.

Setting up a foreign onshore company also means establishing an economic substance (actual local organization of the business: offices, premises, activity, materialization, resources, etc.), which will be complicated for you to achieve in a distant country, in your capacity as owner of the company, if you are not resident in the country where your company is located. The non-existence of an economic substance of a Company in Europe (in or near the European Union) is equivalent to the de facto operation and tax establishment of the company, in the country of tax residence of the owner of the company. For European nationals, setting up a Company incorporation in Europe means making it easier to set up the company’s physical and human resources, including the organization of offices and warehouses, equipment and recruitment, as well as mastering administrative management, accounting, production, marketing and tax declarations in the country of the company’s head office.  Not forgetting the company owner’s tax obligations in his or her country of tax residence.