10/05/21 - The post-Brexit UK: a gateway to exporting to and from the Anglo-sphere

After leaving the European Union, London is showing off its omnipotence, thumbing its nose at history and the Brexit.

– International showcase and expansion:

London: capital of international economic and financial centers

– London leads the Commonwealth (54 countries, population + 2.5 billion): according to the Royal Commonwealth Society, British businesses want the government to prioritize trade agreements with the Commonwealth after Brexit; the UK dreams of the Commonwealth for its post-Brexit trade,

– post-Brexit trade agreements have already been signed with Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Israel, Morocco and Tunisia, and others are taking shape with the USA (2023) in addition to those with India (2022) and underway with Canada, Egypt, Mexico, Singapore, Turkey, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand,…

With 1.4 billion consumers in India and 330 million Americans, the UK is creating a new economic order that will compete with the European Union and China.

– Possible access to the Transpacific market (free trade access: 500 million consumers): 11 countries in Asia and the Americas (UK application pending).

– The “CANZUK Union”, comprising Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, will be the world’s fourth-largest economy (estimated population: 136,649,018).

The benefits of CANZUK

By setting up a company in London, you will be able to export directly to member countries without administrative constraints or customs duties.

– Post-Brexit agreements with the EU (standard free trade agreement like the one between Canada and the EU). No no-deal: distribution on the single market, without quotas or customs duties.

– Sales in the UK and the “Anglo-sphere”, without customs constraints.

– Expatriation project

– Tax advantages – UK International Holding


With the Brexit, some were talking about Britain’s isolation in the world. Very funny!

An ideal regulatory framework

Voted best country in the world in which to set up, run and grow a business, by Forbes.

The advantages of setting up a Company incorporation in the UK go beyond simple taxation. Running a business in the UK is a pleasure, unlike other countries that like to keep things complex and difficult for their entrepreneurs.

In the UK, it’s the “business-friendly” concept: there are no tax calls, no Urssaf and no RSI. Business success is a priority.

The simplicity, stability and flexibility of company and employment law make the UK the world leader in finance and business.

With its attractive tax structure and deregulation, London aims to be the world’s benchmark for business.

Rumors of a UK corporation tax on profits from 15% to 17% during 2025-2026, backed up by Boris Johnson’s election promises, will help attract more entrepreneurs and start-ups to London, as well as foreign investors.

If you run a business in France and are a French tax resident, the tax authorities require you to set up a company in France.

Indeed, setting up an English company is not an alternative to creating a French entity.

Setting up an English company should not be used to avoid paying taxes in your country of tax residence.