Ready-to-use French companies

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Buy a ready-to-use French company that's 1 to 10 years old!

société prête à l'emploi

Buy a French company that has already been set up and is ready for use, at low cost, in several types of business.

We also offer ready-to-use companies in several other countries around the world.

You can specify the country and activity you are looking for.

You can, of course, change the name and activity of the company you are taking over.

The French companies we are proposing have a life behind them, but are devoid of economic substance.

They are therefore “empty shells” of sorts, with a past but no liabilities!

Rather than striking the company off the Commercial Register, the idea is to “recycle” them, to give them a second life, as is the case these days for many products (cars, laptops, etc.); we can also speak of reuse or reconditioning.

Except that for companies, ageing is very positive and adds value; it’s like good wine that excels and increases in value as it ages.

Why buy a company that’s already registered?

1 – To save time: if you set up a new company, it will take some time before your company is registered.

2 – To show your customers and suppliers that your company is experienced and reliable,

3 – To show that your company is not in a start-up phase, and that it has acquired a great deal of credibility over the years.

So, by acquiring a ready-to-use company, you’ll be using a fine working tool that will give you the best assets for starting up or continuing your business.

You’ll be proud to show that you’re working for a company with years of experience behind it.

Technically :

A – We can look for French companies that are already registered, without goodwill (see our explanation below).

B – At your request, we can modify the company’s legal status, name and business activities,

C – Finally, the company will of course be in your name and/or that of your partners, both in terms of shareholding (ownership) and management (management or presidency).

In this case, your holding company could be a 100% shareholder in your French company, and why not the managing director or president (your confidentiality is then preserved with regard to your competitors).

We can also offer you ready-to-use companies in countries other than France.

It’s important to know that the price of a company without goodwill to be taken over is around 10 times less expensive than a company to be taken over with goodwill; the price of an already registered company, without goodwill to be taken over, generally varies between
2,000 to €10,000, depending on the age of the company.

The cost of our services in finding French companies for sale, without goodwill (much less expensive than buying a company with goodwill) is €690 + VAT. Your contact +33 6 67 89 67 39

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Advantages and disadvantages of buying a ready-to-use business

Advantages of buying a ready-to-use French company:

  • Fast. By buying a ready-to-use company, you can save time in paying the share capital and registering with the commercial court. Your company can start operating immediately after signing the acquisition documents.
  • From abroad. There’s no need to travel to France. If you want to set up a company in France quickly, but travel is inconvenient, you can take advantage of the benefits of a French company by purchasing a ready-to-use company. Our office will prepare the necessary deeds for you to sign in your own country.

Disadvantages of buying a ready-to-use French company:

  • More expensive than setting up a company. One of the only disadvantages of buying a ready-to-use company is that you will have to take into account the cost of acquiring the company.