London: Bijou du Business

Under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, no customs duties apply to trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom. This agreement also defines a privileged relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, in terms of trade,…(1)

Setting up in the UK and taking advantage of Brexit

What could be better than setting up shop in the UK, while using the Brexit to your advantage?

While London rejected the single currency, Britain was set to lose its influence and suffer an economic recession.

Since 2000, the country has experienced steady growth. It remains faithful to the models established by Margaret Thatcher.

A world city with a prestigious reputation, London offers a number of intelligent and relevant business models.

Indeed, enterprise has been at the heart of political action since the Iron Lady’s leadership in 1980. Based on services, the UK’s dynamism is the fruit of the following models :

    • Finance with the City of London
    • New technologies with Tech City UK and Tech Nation
    • Scientific research with MedCity
    • Shopping with Oxford Circus & Europe’s largest shopping malls
    • Numerous cultural and sporting events
    • Tourism

London, business in its non-EU setting

Setting up business in the UK means taking advantage of London and its position as the business hub of Europe and the world.

Its location on the map makes London a bridge between the European Union, the USA and Asia. Indeed, its infrastructure is first-rate and envied.

As a result, the Brexit will reinforce London’s dominant position at every level. Outside the European Union, the British capital is making the world its playground.

For the record, the E.U. accounts for 7.8% of global growth. In fact, it is the world’s largest free-trade zone. However, its importance has been declining over the past 15 years.

Conquering markets – such as the USA, China, Africa and India – offers prospects equal to 85% of global growth.

Brexit deal or no deal with the EU, the Anglo-Saxons will know how to bounce back and use the levers of the current ecosystem.

Brexit: A world of opportunity

Leaving the EU is a godsend

Setting up business in the UK can be an opportunity to benefit from the UK’s new-found independence.

The country is regaining control of its laws and taxation. There’s no doubt that the British will put the right policies in place to assert their leadership.

In this respect, the UK’s business-friendly environment is a first-rate asset.

Entrepreneurial ecosystem

The UK’s flexible entrepreneurial ecosystem and business-friendly administration are in tune with the challenges of tomorrow.

Labor and company laws are liberal, and the economy is very dynamic, attracting foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Unemployment is relatively low. In terms of competitiveness and economic attractiveness, the UK is one of the world’s leading business locations.

The UK, home to the no-holds-barred economy

London’s dynamism, proximity to France and skilled workforce make it the preferred location for many entrepreneurs and businesses.

Far from the complexity and red tape, the UK is a necessary link for entrepreneurship in Europe.

Time to make strategic choices

In an ever-changing world, setting up in the UK can be a matter of development strategy.

You’ll need to make an informed choice about the structures available to you; your deployment strategy and objectives come first.

From a legal point of view, you can set up an English Limited Company (LTD) or an LLP, depending on the size of your company or group, its activity, its mode of operation, the products or services sold, etc…