Prestige company

Ready-to-use, pre-registered, never-operated company with virtual(1) share capital of £100,000 (larger virtual share capital possible without bank deposit), including HSBC Premium Bank Introduction*.

Transfer of ownership includes: change of company name, activity, address (which we provide), company director and owner. The manager and owner can be the same person.

Do you want to optimize the impact of your company and reassure your customers, suppliers and partners?

We offer you a unique Pack : the prestige company, made up of :

  1. an English company already registered in 2023,
  2. a virtual, registered, undeposited share capital of £100,000 (you don’t have to pay this amount into the bank – it’s a virtual amount),
  3. HSBC Premium banking introduction*.

So you don’t need to have this amount of virtual share capital (share capital, even if not deposited in the bank, gives your company a positive image, particularly in the eyes of your customers, suppliers and partners).

Prestige pack

Such a company will reflect the prestige of your business, as it will show that your company has already been registered for a year, that it has acquired experience, … Indeed, customers don’t necessarily like very young companies, and a company over a year old establishes a climate of trust that customers have a right to expect.

What’s more, suppliers, banks and partners will be delighted to see that your company isn’t brand new… unfortunately, youth in business is often misinterpreted by some as immaturity.

Put all the assets on your side, to display in your e.mail signature, your business cards, your website, your quotations, etc… , for example :
with share capital of €100,000
Iban HSBC*……..

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Other packs :

Order now : Prestige company 2022

Older companies and larger virtual share capital available on request.

Setting up your company in London means being close to the European Union (EU), reassuring your customers, optimizing your commercial potential, building solid relations with your bank (avoiding untimely account blockages, facilitating and securing transactions, etc.), not setting up in a “tax haven” (see the recommendations and the black and gray lists of the OECD and the EU), etc.

London: an international financial center

The UK is one of the world’s major economic powers, behind the USA, China, Japan, Germany and France.

Investing in London gives entrepreneurs an excellent reputation thanks to a location in a prestigious jurisdiction.

Why trust us for the creation or takeover of an English company?

We are B-to-B specialists with over 10 years’ experience in company incorporation and transfer. Our experience has enabled us to deal with virtually every type of process involved in setting up or transferring a business. We put all this experience at your service to create or transfer an English company securely and on time (1 to 2 working days guaranteed for delivery of your English company; add another 1 to 2 days for a ready-to-use, optimized company).

By entrusting us with the creation or transfer of an English company, you benefit from the following advantages:

The use of French: this will make our relationship simpler and avoid confusion. For us, transparency is the key to a relationship based on trust. The language barrier and its contradictions can sometimes lead to surprises, which will not happen between you and us. As experts in the creation and transfer of Companies incorporation in Europe, and knowing what it takes to handle our customers' requests quickly and securely, we offer our services in some twenty European countries.
Financial and administrative transparency: unlike many sites that include hidden fees in the process of setting up or transferring Companies incorporation in the UK, we ensure total transparency. With us, there's no need, for example, to have your proof of identity stamped at the town hall or notary's office.
An all-in-one service at an exceptional price: in the world of Company incorporation, some sites hide fees that you only discover later. When you use our services, you benefit from total transparency. We take care of everything. Our service covers all aspects and stages of setting up or transferring a Company incorporation in the UK. We know how important it is to be competitive in the market, so our rates are designed to be very low and therefore attractive.
Simplifying the process: we've spent a lot of time simplifying the process of setting up and acquiring Companies incorporation in the UK. With us, there's no facial recognition process. The process of setting up or transferring companies and registering them is relatively complicated. So it's important for you to have a partner you can trust.

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Current delivery: approx. 1 week

(1)The registered capital, even if not deposited, is your responsibility. Virtual share capital is a figure entered in the English Commercial Register, which is not deposited in a bank. This share capital is virtual, and therefore not real. It indicates only that the shareholder(s) is/are liable for the amount of the share capital, which is indicative only.

The address of the registered office is compulsory, we provide it (41 € + VAT./month); this includes the digitized transfer of your mails, the follow-up and the permanent assistance 6j/7 from 9h to 18h.

Boost your business with our Europe-wide network of contacts (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, resellers, local agents, logistics and goods receiving, etc.). Learn more

*The creation of a bank account by a third party is illegal, even with a power of attorney; we invite you to be wary of sites offering to open a bank account for you.An independent manager from our company, an account manager working for the bank, will call you to handle your application to open a bank account. Our service is to put you in touch with the bank, not to open a bank account. The bank has the sole right to decide whether or not to open a bank account (art. L. 312-1, II CMF). The bank’s decision is based on the applicant’s profile and eligibility to open a bank account. We do not open a bank account ourselves and do not guarantee the opening of a bank account. banking introduction* is an obligation of service, not of result.