Company incorporation LTD (Limited) in London, without travel, banking introduction* HSBC.

Our strength : banking introductions* in real banks (branch networks)

Responsiveness in real time on our chat online, in English or French, our permanent follow-up and our assistance included in all our packages.

The Premium Pack*: pay in 1 or 2 instalments

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Pay in 2 instalments
  • When you place your order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a Company incorporation form to fill in.
  • Payment can also be made by bank transfer: you can place your order above: during payment, you will be offered the option of paying by bank transfer; click on the “Bank transfer” box: when we receive your order, we will send you our bank details for your transfer, with the option of paying in 1 or 2 instalments.

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Company incorporation LTD (Limited) in London, without travel, banking introduction* HSBC.
New: contact one of our customer advisers. Would you like to be reassured about our company? We can put you in touch with one of our customer advisers on request.

The Premium Pack includes :

  • Company formation LLP in Edinburgh (Scotland) without travel and with banking introduction* included
  • Ultra-fast assistance with banking introduction*.
  • Bonus (free): 3 exclusive business ideas not yet exploited.
  • We guarantee comprehensive, high-quality services, in complete transparency and in a climate of trust; we guarantee real-time availability 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, follow-up and assistance… Find out what our customers have to say about us.
  • Would you like to be reassured about our services? No problem, we can provide you with the telephone details of one or more of our customers.
  • Boost your business thanks to our network of contacts throughout Europe (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, resellers, local agents, logistics and goods reception, etc.).

You don’t need to travel to set up your Company incorporation or to introduce your bank*. What’s more, we speak French.

Banking introduction* (online banking, CB,...) to Revolut Business, Wise,... : €0 (included in all Companies incorporation orders)


Assistance in English (an independent account manager, employed by the bank, calls you and takes care of your request to open an account with Revolut Business or with one of our other partners) : €290 + VAT.


Banking introduction* in a real bank in Europe (French language), network of banking agencies in a country bordering France, with travel : €392 + VAT.


Banking introduction* in a real bank, with a network of branches, WITHOUT TRAVEL (which is rare for a real bank), with of course online access, remotely and with an independent account manager, working for the bank, english and french : without travel, €392 + VAT.


Introduction bancaire frontalière et internationale en banques physiques (agences)*

HSBC banking introduction* in a European Union country; our HSBC contact allows to study the file remotely, unlike the usual HSBC process.
Promo : €552 + VAT.

Création de votre société holding à Londres, sans déplacement, introduction bancaire* HSBC. Nous parlons français

You can, of course, opt for an online banking introduction* (neo-banking: Revolut Business or another of our partners), which is included free of charge in all our Company incorporation packages.

Among our strengths :

  1. Fast, guaranteed company registration in around 1-2 working days (London) + free banking introduction*.
  2. When you order, we will send you by e.mail, a company incorporation form online to complete and you will attach a copy of your passport or identity card and proof of address.
  3. Ultra-fast online service (no paperwork and no travel (for certain countries including England, Scotland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Malta, etc..
  4. As soon as your company is registered, we’ll e-mail you the PDF incorporation documents. You’ll receive your company’s documents by e-mail in real time.
  5. Free customer support in French, 6 days a week, from 9am to 7pm.

⭐Current promotion: 20% discount

Boost your business with our Europe-wide network of contacts (manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, resellers, local agents, logistics and goods-in, etc.).

“Profits derived by a Scottish LLP from sales outside the UK are exempt from corporation tax where the members of the LLP are non-UK residents. Only members are taxed in their country of tax residence*.

LLP members must pay tax in their country of tax residence*.

“All non-UK profits or gains made by an LLP will not be subject to UK tax if the members are non-UK resident individuals and the sales are outside the UK.

Hague Convention – 1992 – Decree 92-521 “Any individual or legal entity resident in the European Community has the right to set up a company in the country of his choice without having to be resident there for tax purposes”.

Société en Ecosse


Since the Brexit, the Scots would like to hold a new referendum to eventually gain their independence from the United Kingdom.

Indeed, the nation’s objective would be to carry out tax reforms and give a new direction to its GDP gains.

A double taxation agreement exists between certain countries so that an international entrepreneur is not penalised for paying the same tax in the country where his company is based and the country corresponding to his tax residence, which is in principle the country where he resides for more than six months a year.

If the country in which the entrepreneur’s company is based exempts companies selling outside that country from corporation tax, and provided that the company director is a non-tax resident, the director will still pay tax in his country of tax residence. It is therefore essential to consult a tax lawyer before placing an order for an LLP, LTD or other company on our website, so that you can assess the specific tax consequences of registering a foreign company. We cannot give you tax advice, as we are not lawyers.

We do not offer jurisdictions with a bad reputation that have been blacklisted by the EU.

Obtaining a VAT number is not automatic when incorporating a company in Scotland. Several conditions will be decisive: such as exceeding £88,000 of

Company incorporation LLP in Scotland

Optionally, on request and subject to quotation, we can help you to create the economic substance of your company (setting up, implementation, recruitment, organisation, development).

*The registration of a bank account* by a third party is illegal, even with a power of attorney; we invite you to be wary of sites offering to open a bank account* for you. An independent manager from our company, an account manager working for the bank, will call you to handle your request to open a bank account*. Our service is to put you in touch with the bank, not to open a bank account*. The bank has the sole right to decide whether or not to open a bank account* (art. L. 312-1, II CMF). The bank’s decision is based on the applicant’s profile and eligibility to open a bank account*. We do not open a bank account ourselves and do not guarantee the opening of a bank account*. Banking introduction* is a service obligation, not a performance obligation or a results requirement. See our other special conditions and our Terms of use, sales and privacy policy.